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Hail Mary Pizza

About Us

We support small farmers directly because more money goes into their pockets, and having a relationship with those who grow your food means you have a connection to the source. You also know how it was grown, raised, or harvested.

Our Story

Welcome to Hail Mary Pizza, where a dash of destiny and a bold move turned a fine dining flop into a flourishing pizza joint. This is no ordinary pizzeria; it's where dough meets art, indie vibes, and a splash of rebellion. Here, the ungrammable atmosphere is as crucial as the LA-style sourdough pizza we’re famous for.

Our space is a canvas of vibrant art and eclectic tunes, reflecting our love for the unconventional. Our guests? They're the kind who savor every bite and note, appreciating our commitment to local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Yes, we promised not too much cheese, but in our world, a little cheekiness is always on the menu.

So, if your heart beats for thoughtfully crafted pizzas and a place with personality, Hail Mary Pizza is your spot. Let’s create some unforgettable moments, one slice at a time.

Hail Mary Pizza
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