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At Hail Mary Pizza, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

We do that enough with the quality of the food. 

Come in, have a good time, come again!

Try 'The Roni' 🍕

The perfect pepperoni, exclusively at Hail Mary ✌🏼 

Hail Mary Pizza: The Roni
Hail Mary Pizza


Hail Mary Pizza was born out of a love for great pizza and good company. Our mission is to create a space where friends and family can gather to enjoy delicious, handcrafted pizzas in a laid-back atmosphere. Come join us and be a part of our story.

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Hail Mary Pizza

Drew J

Alameda, Ca

5 stars for the service alone! You don't realize how much you miss great customer service until you walk in somewhere and feel immediately welcomed.I'd been wanting to try Hail Mary Pizza for a while, since I live nearby, so happy I finally did...

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